Sunday, September 11, 2011

5 months later... Honeymoon pt. 1

So, we finally went on our honeymoon to Kauai. it was the perfect timing, just when we both REALLY needed a break. We had a morning flight on Friday that got us into Honolulu around 11:30am Hawaii time. We then took a 'hop' to Kauai and we ended up on 'our' island at 1:20pm. When we got to the rental place they were all out of sub-compact cars, so we ended up with an upgrade (free!) to a hardtop Jeep Wrangler! :) Afternoon one was 'errand day.' We went to lunch at Fish Express in Lihue, grabbed groceries from Walmart (across the street), and headed North on the main highway. Along the way we stopped at Snorkel Bob's in Kapa'a for snorkel gear (highly recommended, especially if you're on a budget. They also have correctional goggles for a little more). It was SUCH a beautiful day, that Friday, so the 45+ minute drive was amazing. We checked into our hotel, changed and headed to the beach (of course!) and then we went to the resort pool (AWESOME pool) and then went out to dinner in Hanalei at this great place called Kalypso Bar and Grille. the coconut shrimp was delicious and I tried my first Pina Colada.

Saturday our wake up was early (yay jet lag!) and I cooked breakfast in the room after doing some yoga on the lanai of our room while it rained in the rainforest next to the resort (that we could see from our room). We went to the Hanalei farmers market and got a pretty awesome take: We decided to go down to the south part of the island for the day and stopped for coffee in Kapa'a at Java Kai. We grabbed lunch at the puka dog in Poipu, if you've never had puka dog and you're in Kauai, you should definitely try Puka Dog, if for nothing but the experience of a hot dog inside of a sweet roll with interesting flavored sauces! Then we went to Spouting horn, a place where lava tunnels create a geyser-like water spray when the waves go through the tunnels. We headed to Poipu beach park, which was a fun beach, lots of sun, and lots of people. After that came a trip to the Kauai Coffee Company. It was the first time I'd seen coffee plants in person, and they had some great roasts and the gift shop had lots of fun things to look at. Then we headed up north again, stopping at the Defries lunch wagon to get 'Da Best' Shave Ice. My first shave ice experience and it was a total winner! While we were there, it started pouring rain and we watched a couple in a soft-top jeep drive in and try to put the top back on their car. It was hilarious and after all of it, they gave up. After the shave ice stop, we headed to the Kilauea lighthouse overlook and took in a sunset over the ocean. When it started raining again, we headed back to Hanalei and got pizza at Hanalei pizza - amazingly tasty pizza. We had a surprise when we got back to the room; there was this HUGE spider on the wall of the bedroom. for size reference - a spider the size of Ethan's palm. When Ethan caught it (in a water glass, somehow) he realized that it was having babies, the guy who took it out of the room told us later that the spider had about 200 babies!

More on the honeymoon later!