Tuesday, April 16, 2013


As many of you know, I did my grad studies in Boston and the city is very dear to my heart as are the friends I made there. I was relieved to learn that my friends all seem to be fine. I can't help feeling like I am in the wrong place right now and wishing that I was in Boston to help, hug, and soothe.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families who lost loved ones and with those healing from injuries suffered in the explosion.

Boston, I love you! Stay strong!

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Lamest Ducky

I am the lamest ducky in the world when it comes to blogging...

Every since the Bebe arrived (and really, since I found out I was preggers) I've failed to keep this blog updated. My excuses are many;   There is so much (or so little) going on.  It takes too long (blargh, I'm a fast typer, that's a pitiful excuse!). I'm tired.  I can't get to the computer (actually, our office is a disaster of Everest proportions and it IS hard to get to the desktop and I HAVE rather killed my netbook, so that one might be valid), I have no ideas, I have too many ideas... etc, etc.

You get the point.

Well, I'm hoping that things are really getting better this time.  I'm trying to be a new, motivated plunker, mommy, exerciser, homemaker - ummm... we'll see about that one, did I mention our office?

So, What we've been up to in a Nutshell since I haven't posted since October or so 0_0
January's mini-show

  • I started working out
  • I auditioned for, and got cast in, a show
  • Rehearsals started
  • I stopped working out
  • Baby 5 months
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Baby 6 months
  • Christmas
  • Did a one off show!   :) 
  • Baby 7 months
  • I was in rehearsals
  • Baby 8 months
  • Husband was sent to Maryland for work
  • Tech Week
  • Baby got Croup
  • I was in a show
  • Baby 9 months
  • 5 Colds (spread over all this time)
  • I started working out, got sick, stopped again
  • Baby 10 months
  • work, life, stuff...
My little fam! <3 td="">
So now we're caught up! ;)  

Workout planning!
3 weeks ago, I decided to get off of my sad, fatigued butt and get moving.  I decided to start small - one large glass of water in the morning before anything else and Yoga - before the baby wakes if possible, during his first nap if not.  

See? today's workout!
That is going swimmingly! 

In the past week or two I've started adding occasional 'hard' workouts and we're trucking on that!

Last weekend I read a gluten thingy that listed some of the possible side effects of gluten intolerance (as in, when you eat it, this can happen).  I had over 6 of the health problems on the list.  Sharing may be TMI, so I won't ;), but the long and the short is that, Starting last weekend I started cutting back, Monday I dropped it all together and Yesterday and Today I'm feeling better.  I hope this lasts!  

Ok, Baby is waking, but I want to throw some photos and move on with our day! ;)

Did I mention that he's getting big?