Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Toddler Tuesday: Things my toddler threw tantrums about this week

By 8 am this morning, we were two tantrums down the hatch.  The closer we get to two, the more I'm seeing these!  So here are some things that we are throwing tantrums about this week.
(they are funny once I'm removed from the tantrum situation)

Not  being allowed to play on the computer, even though he NEVER has been.

Wearing Pants.

Starting his current favorite movie, A Monster in Paris (we let him watch tv while we're cooking) in the 'wrong spot' (aka, the beginning).



Having chicken on his plate

Someone else's toy car at the park

Mommy vacuuming

Playing at the park.  literally about playing - he only wanted the big kid playground and, at 7 months pregnant, mommy isn't up to that!

What has your toddler been throwing tantrums about?


Monday, February 17, 2014

Things My Toddler Does; Episode 2

Good Morning all!

It's time  for another episode of  Things My Toddler Does!

 So, we did mostly annoying/funny things last time, so lets start with some CUTE things my munchkin does!

Many mornings start with a pre-wake up at 5:30 am (or earlier), but if left to himself he promptly goes back to sleep. <3 nbsp="" p="">
Slides are best if you insert a "weee" at the bottom.

Lately, he's been in a definite 'learning' mode.  He was super excited when he found out that mommy could make make 'music' by blowing into the openings of different size and shape recycling bottles.  This led to D, laying on the couch with the gallon vinegar bottle up to his mouth trying to get it to resonate.  Pretty sure there were some last drops of vinegar consumed as he smelled like vinegar for the rest of the day.  Take that, sweet baby smell!

His latest choice of bedtime stories is "Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs" by Byron Barton.  He lets us know he wants that book by rawring at us!

Fun Breakfast Fact:  Cheerios in your munchkin snack holder are much better if you pour lemon-orange-honey tea into them.  Mommy's reaction is better that way too!

Fun Trash Fact: It's really hard for mommy to tell you off for throwing something in the trash when it's a) something that actually belongs in the trash and, b) you proudly clap for yourself afterwards.

While helping hubby with dinner the other night, D decided to show off his favorite skills - Standing and balancing.  We turn around to see him standing on the chair with his hands in 'flying/balancing' position!

At Nana's house, one of our favorite activities is moving canned good from one cabinet to another and then stacking them into precarious, yet curiously balanced leaning towers.  My little engineer!

His sense of humor is starting to show itself!  When D made a funky face at me, I made one back and he busted up laughing.  Then I made a fishy face.  He now asks for 'hwi-shie' face all the time and busts up laughing when I make that face. 

D loves bath time these days and when the tub starts draining he starts splashing in protest - that's when Mommy gets her showers! ;)

Also, Hats.

Hope this cures all cases of the Mon-Days!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Day in the Life

I love these posts on other blogs so I thought I'd try one!

Wednesday, February 12

5am - wake up (again) to go to the bathroom and roll over so my hip will stop screaming at me (one small downside to pregnancy).  Fall back to sleep feeling the baby squirm. <3 nbsp="" p="">6:30 am  - hear some little noises over the baby monitor.  Ignore, hoping he'll go back to sleep (usually he doesn't and I get a half hour before "mommy.  mommy? mommy!" happens
6:45 am - realize all has gone quiet again, peek at monitor.  Wonder of all wonders, he DID actually go back to sleep!
7:20 am - stumble out of bed to get breakfast and tea.  Say 'good-bye, have a nice day' to the hubster.
7:30 am - can't believe Dec isn't awake.  Go check on him and inadvertently wake him up.  darn!  Plus side, he's a 'slow-to-go' kinda guy, so I grab the dirty diapers and run them out to the laundry in the garage while he wakes up.
7:40 am - get Dec out of bed, change his diaper, take him to the dining room for breakfast.  Breakfast this morning (not inspiring) is granola (me) and Honey Nut O's and bananas for Dec.
8:14 am - release the boy from his high chair  for some play time while I fold laundry and we listen to the radio.  He comes up intermittently asking for a "puppy" or a "kitty" on his magnetic drawing board.  I draw them and still manage to get the laundry folded without too much re-folding.
9am - I see the time and get us both dressed to leave the house so we can (attempt) to get some 'paperwork' done for a subbing job I'm doing next week.
9:30am - finally out of the house and at the college administration office.  They tell me that TB tests can only be administered on Mon-Tuesday. shoot.  (yes, I had called ahead and the person who I talked to said they were available all week long)
10:00am  - after abandoning my 20 minute parking and finding a new parking space, Dec and I trot along campus to the Campus Police office for Live Scan.  They inform me that I have to go to another building to pay before I can do the live scan there.  I tell them I'd rather  go to a free-standing place and can they tell me who they accept that from?
10:40am - I get Dec BACK in the car (with no little fighting and have to remove shoes due to a mud-puddle incident...) and call the hubster for a quick (ok, not quick) vent.  GRRRR
10:45am  - on the road again!  this time headed to my parents' house for the first lesson of the day. We get there with PLENTY of time and go for a walk in the neighborhood.
11:15am  - lunch!  I whip up some scrambled eggs and (frozen, gf) waffles for lunch so that we can eat before my student comes.  Declan eats the eggs and some crackers.  today is not a winning day for diet for this boy!
11:45am - I put Dec down in my old room at my parents for a nap.  They have it all set up for him and with the right 'props' he's usually good about going down and napping.
11:47am - screaming from the bedroom.  I go in expecting to see him on the floor (having climbed/fallen out - he is at that age after all!) and instead find him standing in the middle of the pack-n-play.  we snuggle and I put him back down.  (disclaimer: usually my dad is around to entertain my little monkey, but he was on vacation)  Photo: Snuggles!!! Love the love this boy shares!
12pm -  my student shows up.  We start the lesson about as usual...
12:15pm -we hear fussing
12:20pm - fussing is now full out crying.  I go get Dec and set him up with some toys, books, and his blanky in 'papa's chair'
1pm - lesson was mostly a success, though Dec tried his best to distract us with cute antics and 'reading' all the words he knows.  *favorite moment was when he pointed to a picture of a tomato and said "FISHY!" he was very proud of himself*
1:30pm we head home.  Dec (unsurprisingly) falls asleep in the car.
1:45pm I transfer Dec (apparently successfully) to his crib.  All quiet on the toddler front.  I sit down with lesson plans for next week and start perusing.
3pm - I go to wake Dec up, only to find him wide-eyed, staring at the ceiling.  Creepy! I ask him if he's ready to go see "ti-ti" (his name for his friend at daycare) and he sadly says "no."
3:10pm - we leave the house only a little bit late.  The drive to daycare takes 15 or so minutes.
3:25pm -  drop  Dec off at daycare.  Warn her that he might be a little out of sorts, but he happily gets playing!  We chat for a couple minutes about life and everything.  "ti-ti" wakes up, so I sneak out while Dec is distracted by the exciting prospect of his favorite playmate!
3:45pm - shoot. construction on the way home... this is going to slow me down!
3:55pm - realize I didn't start dinner in the crockpot. double shoot!  i'm going to have to squeeze it in in the milliseconds between students!
4:02pm - I'm home!  a little late, but I made it.  Immediately turn on the keyboard and start lesson #1
4:30pm - lesson 2 arrives!
5pm - lesson 3 starts
5:30pm - Lesson 4.
6pm -  make sure everything is in the crockpot to be cooked.  Hightail it to the car to go get Dec.  We've only got 1.5 -2 hours before bedtime.
6:20pm - pick the Decmeister up.  He's sad to see me instead of daddy.  Sorry, buddy!
6:25pm - non-stop asking for daddy.  We detour to the dojo for a quick visit.
6:45pm - stop in at the Dojo and see daddy.  The guys are all doing their thing - Daddy is in horse stance holding a bo staff above his head.  Declan is confused, but takes the time to run around the dojo a bit.
7pm  - we head home from the dojo.  Dinner is ready-ish. ready enough and Dec and I eat.  Sitting down was a mistake.  Now I don't want to move!
7:45pm - Time for bed. I drag myself out of the chair and we do bedtime routine - Diaper, pajamas, teeth, book, Nigh-nights.
8pm  - jump in the shower
8:05pm - jump out of the shower (it is a drought after all!) realize I haven't put the diapers in the dryer.  Start putting Cloth diapers on my baby registry instead.
8:45pm - hubby is home - manage to convince him to move diapers to the dryer.  we realize I would have had to take his clean clothes out anyway...
9pm - we watch an episode of the Mentalist.
9:45pm -  I convince him to start another episode and promptly fall asleep on the couch.
11pm -  Hubster wakes me up.  I brush my teeth and  crawl in bed.  We have a bonding moment with the baby (hubster puts his head down on the belly to listen to the heartbeat  - i'm so jealous he can do that! - and the baby kicks him in the head.) Love it!
11:15pm - I crash.  on to another day!

Fitness this pregnancy

Much like my last pregnancy, I had all these pictures of how awesome I was going to be at pregnancy and how fit I was going to be!

and again

I've failed.
first pregnancy - 31 weeks and still rocking crow pose!
I'm not super fit momma.  In my defense, both pregnancies have been quite active for me.  Last time I worked a fairly physical job where I was walking a lot and generally physically active.  This time I'm a (mostly) Stay At Home Mommy (SAHM) and chasing, picking up, and playing with my toddler is almost better exercise than going to the gym for my current physical state!  I can't make it to yoga most of the time, so I do some at home when I can.    I've also struggled with gaining weight this time- I know, I know... everyone wishes they had THAT little problem!
26 weeks, JUST hit 120lbs

so fitness this time has looked like:
*park dates with my little guy
*lifting and carrying my 'little' guy (26lbs at last dr appointment!)
*cleaning the house
*some walking
*at home yoga
*dance parties with munchkin

:)  hopefully I'll gain some weight so i'm not afraid of losing it if I exercise!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Things My Toddler Does

A few days ago my sister-in-law posted that she's feeling a bit pent up and exhausted and likened the feeling to being a toddler (really, not far off).  In response a bunch of us started posting things for her to do to act more like a toddler.  While posting some of the antics of the day on her post, I realized that the things that he did during the day that I found really frustrating were actually pretty hilarious in retrospect.  This has inspired this post of things that my toddler does...

Every night and naptime when we put him down we'll hear him practicing his vocabulary in his crib.  He always starts with names of his favorite people:
"Mommy. Dada. Papa. Nana. Jah. Puppy. Kitty. Keys. Car...." etc, etc
when he gets bored with that he'll rawr randomly.  "RAWR!"

There were a couple nights where he was fighting a cold or the flu and we had put his mattress at a slant.  One night when he was starting to feel better we heard "WEEEE!!!!" coming from his room.  Looking in our video monitor we spotted the stinker walking up and down the slope!  Every time he went down he would squeal "Weeeee!" as he ran.  

My son is a major re-organizer.  Be wary letting him into your kitchen if we come to visit!!!  One of his favorite games right now is to take all of the tupperware out of the drawer we have it in and put it into another cabinet across the room.  

In the past he has emptied the tupperware on the floor so that he can climb into the drawer and 'drive' it in and out!   

He also gets a kick out of emptying cabinets in order to sit in the cabinet himself: 

Speaking of climbing into cabinets... 
He loves climbing into small spaces.  here are photos of him playing in the repurposed tv-stand and my suitcase (that I was trying to pack for a trip to visit family for thanksgiving)

He's got a new interest in 'helping' mommy and daddy.  This has led to him picking up bits of trash (and some things that aren't trash) and throwing them in the trash can.  When mommy shouts "NO!" he smiles and claps for himself.  

He loves helping with the dirty dishes.  I love that he wants to 'Helpee' however, I'm less than thrilled when he grabs a spoon from the soapy, dirty dishwater and starts drinking from it!

Similarly, he will drink bathwater either when he's laying on his stomach in the tub or pouring it out of the plastic bucket we have in there. *shudder*

He has slowly been figuring out body parts. About 6 months ago he figured out belly and belly button.  With this discovery, he started going up to people (thankfully just family so far!) and pulling up their shirts to poke them in the belly button.

This month's discovery is noses. he'll point to his nose and say "Nose" then shove his finger up my nose and say "mommy nose."

He often asks for something to eat (usually from mommy or daddy's plate) then, when it's on his plate he will pick it up, maybe put it in his mouth, then hand it back to you.  At that point it can no longer even be on his tray, so it has to go in your hand or he throws it on the floor.  Your choice!

Another recent food-related game is how he eats out of bowls - particularly things like applesauce, hummus, and thick soups.  It starts perfectly; he eats neatly with his spoon until the level gets too low for it to be really easy.  Then the bowl comes up and he starts 'drinking' from it like a cup.  When that's not working the fingers go in.  OR the bowl goes on his head and he pushes it down so that it a) squishes his forehead down and he looks like a pug and b) squishes all the food into his hair.

He LOVES drinking tea.  However, tea gets joined by whatever's on his tray for breakfast. (bananas, cheerios, raisins...)

I'm thinking that this will become a series of posts! Monthly perhaps?

What do you think friends?  Do you have toddlers?  What kinds of antics to they get up to?

If you're interested in the post that inspired this post (and the woman who got me writing again) Check out Let's Eat Grandpa!

Have a fabulous Tuesday, Everybody!


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pregnancy with a Toddler


That about sums it up!

I wasn't prepared for it at all.  I thought I was.  But it's different this time. SO different!

I skated by with my first.  This one has more of those icky icky pregnancy things that I didn't get with my first.  Sciatica would be the biggest one.  and Insomnia.  Holy Insomnia.  I will not miss you at all!

The hardest part has been taking care of our little monkey.  He's reaching that age where they push all the boundaries and it's been tricky to keep my patience some days!  I'm more tired than usual and the mild sciatica this times makes it hard to haul my 26 (maybe more) pounder around.  I also blame him for my failure to gain much weight this time... I'm still hovering around 7lbs total gain - at 25 weeks!  With declan I had gained about 12-15!

He also hasn't figured out that mommy is growing a baby in her belly and the belly isn't just his own personal pillow/landing pad!  Luckily he's generally super gentle with younger children and babies, so I hold out hope that it will be relatively smooth sailing once the little one arrives!  

I've been much better about belly pictures this time (I get Hubby to take them, so they are less awkward than last time) and can share the progression of a second belly!

16 weeks!
18 weeks
23 weeks (with a yucky Cold)
24 weeks!
I feel like I grew faster this time but the belly is about the same!

Happy February!  I'll be back with more later!  Including -
 things my toddler does, Inspired by this post by my Sister-in-Law.  Read it for the laughs, stay for the cute pictures (and to spot my toddler!)
and What fitness looks like this pregnancy!

Have a lovely day!

~Errant Soprano

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Baby Blog!

I am guilty of Writing Hiatus...

So Guilty!

I could throw out excuses (I have so many good ones!) but will instead give you some life updates.  :)

Since my last blog post I (we) have:

  • gone to two family weddings. BEAUTIFUL weddings full of beautiful people that I'm so excited to call my in-laws.
  • Wedding in the Santa Cruz Mountains!

  • Another family Hawaii trip with my gorgeous boys... 
  • Discovered that my sweet boy is going to be a big brother!
  • Made a trip with my boys to meet my Husband's family (finally)!
  • Christmas craziness 
  • and... 
Here we are!  

Baby Boy No. 2 is on his way - Due in May!

Our little family is Growing!  

I'll be back, Sooner rather than later to share our Shenanigans!

~Errant Soprano