Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Toddler Tuesday: Things my toddler threw tantrums about this week

By 8 am this morning, we were two tantrums down the hatch.  The closer we get to two, the more I'm seeing these!  So here are some things that we are throwing tantrums about this week.
(they are funny once I'm removed from the tantrum situation)

Not  being allowed to play on the computer, even though he NEVER has been.

Wearing Pants.

Starting his current favorite movie, A Monster in Paris (we let him watch tv while we're cooking) in the 'wrong spot' (aka, the beginning).



Having chicken on his plate

Someone else's toy car at the park

Mommy vacuuming

Playing at the park.  literally about playing - he only wanted the big kid playground and, at 7 months pregnant, mommy isn't up to that!

What has your toddler been throwing tantrums about?


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