Thursday, December 27, 2012

Baby's First Christmas

Hi All.
Sorry for being such a blogger slacker!  I never knew how crazy busy I would be with a baby under my wing.  I'm finally feeling like I have my feet under me again, but am just figuring out how to manage time as a mommy, singer, and wife.  Not to mention blogger :)

I am LOVING being a mom. it's challenging, but there is always a baby giggle, laugh, or new achievement to make it all worth it.  Saturday is 7 months with our baby boy.  I can't believe its been 7 months already and yet, I can barely remember our lives without him!

So, Tuesday was his first Christmas and I was so busy helping with the food preparation that we didn't take many pictures.

He lucked out on toys from family and is LOVING the puzzle ball, Stacking cups, and a shape sorter! Santa gave him a very hungry caterpillar rattle and mommy and daddy got him a fun mini version of the wire/bead things - like they have at dentist offices!

Since the 6 month update never went out, this is what our little man is up to these days:

  • army crawl.  Oh yes.  it's happening! 
  • Laughing at mommy: 
  • grabbing things
  • Babbling.  we've got "NaNaNaNa", "DaDaDaDa" and now "BaBaBa down! We don't read him Traditional Baby Books at the moment - Daddy prefers to read from 'Basic Economics'  and Declan likes to interject like he understands what Daddy is saying!  
  • Grabbing Toes and bringing them to his mouth
  • Rolling and stopping mid-roll to hang out in a yoga-like twist.
He's Eating 'solids' now - Pureed fruits and veggies and oatmeal!  He loves his Pears, Peaches, Green Beans, Pumpkin and Apples!  I can't wait to introduce more as we go along!  

I hope everyone's holidays were lovely and filled with family and love.  

~Errant Soprano