Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby Stuff - Episode 1

Its what every mom to be wonders...

which of these will I actually use?  What am I wasting my money buying?  Will the baby actually like/use that?

So, starting here, starting now, I'm putting in my 2 cents from what I've learned so far...  more review and items as I go along!

MOBY wrap carrier:


  • Fits mom and dad (aka, one size fits all)
  • can be wrapped in multiple ways
  • pretty comfy (and he falls asleep in it all the time)
  • allows mom (or dad) to comfort by proximity while still having the ability to get things done
  • soft fabric, easy to wash
  •  good for 8-35lbs
  • pain in the butt to put on when the baby is screaming
  • takes a while to put on, even when you're used to it
  • when putting on, it drags on the floor (maybe that's because i'm short?) so, i don't want to put it on in a parking lot -- put it on before you leave the house

I've heard the baby K'Tan is basically the same thing, but not as complicated... cons i can see occuring:if mom and dad are very different sizes, it's not going to work for both = you'd need different sizes
We also have the Ergo Baby carrier, which i haven't used much yet, because the infant insert is uncomfortable to me and he needs it until he's 12lbs (but he's almost there...)


ERGOBaby carrier (original)
 source source

I LOVE this now that he's 12lbs! So, here's the breakdown:

  • pretty easy to put on
  • Super supportive of mom's (or dad's) back (LOVE the hip belt
  • Supposed to be better for baby's hips than the carriers that just let his/her legs hang
  • strong material, feels super sturdy
  • works for infants/toddlers 12-45lbs with an infant insert for under 5-12lbs
  • holds baby close
  • can wear baby 3 ways - front, side, back
  • baby can only face inwards - towards the wearer in all positions
  • hot fabric - the canvas is super sturdy, but my husband MELTS between his heat and the baby's in the Sacramento Summer heat - this is probably true of just about any carrier, though.
  • doesn't pack up particularly small.
Honestly, these are both awesome products and we haven't had as much opportunity to use them as we thought we would as I was on bedrest for 7 weeks after he was born and slowly healing since then.  I'll add comments or just update when we come back from our 3-4 trips in the next 2 months!