Monday, February 17, 2014

Things My Toddler Does; Episode 2

Good Morning all!

It's time  for another episode of  Things My Toddler Does!

 So, we did mostly annoying/funny things last time, so lets start with some CUTE things my munchkin does!

Many mornings start with a pre-wake up at 5:30 am (or earlier), but if left to himself he promptly goes back to sleep. <3 nbsp="" p="">
Slides are best if you insert a "weee" at the bottom.

Lately, he's been in a definite 'learning' mode.  He was super excited when he found out that mommy could make make 'music' by blowing into the openings of different size and shape recycling bottles.  This led to D, laying on the couch with the gallon vinegar bottle up to his mouth trying to get it to resonate.  Pretty sure there were some last drops of vinegar consumed as he smelled like vinegar for the rest of the day.  Take that, sweet baby smell!

His latest choice of bedtime stories is "Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs" by Byron Barton.  He lets us know he wants that book by rawring at us!

Fun Breakfast Fact:  Cheerios in your munchkin snack holder are much better if you pour lemon-orange-honey tea into them.  Mommy's reaction is better that way too!

Fun Trash Fact: It's really hard for mommy to tell you off for throwing something in the trash when it's a) something that actually belongs in the trash and, b) you proudly clap for yourself afterwards.

While helping hubby with dinner the other night, D decided to show off his favorite skills - Standing and balancing.  We turn around to see him standing on the chair with his hands in 'flying/balancing' position!

At Nana's house, one of our favorite activities is moving canned good from one cabinet to another and then stacking them into precarious, yet curiously balanced leaning towers.  My little engineer!

His sense of humor is starting to show itself!  When D made a funky face at me, I made one back and he busted up laughing.  Then I made a fishy face.  He now asks for 'hwi-shie' face all the time and busts up laughing when I make that face. 

D loves bath time these days and when the tub starts draining he starts splashing in protest - that's when Mommy gets her showers! ;)

Also, Hats.

Hope this cures all cases of the Mon-Days!


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